Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The World's First Street Art ­Disaster Movie

To follow up the premiere of his first movie, enigmatic graffiti artist Banksy is debuting his own screen. The Lambeth Palace is a 150 seat auditorium in a tunnel under the Waterloo train station in London. Banksy's site describes the Lambeth Palace as "London's newest, darkest, and dirtiest purpose built cinema."

The built purpose is of course to screen the aforementioned film debut: Exit Through the Gift Shop. The trailer:

The film, a collaboration with French videographer Thierry Guetta, premiered at Sundance to positive reviews. Anyone familiar with Banksy's work won't be surprised by the reviews which toss out words like "raucous," "comic," and "inventive." And anyone familiar with Banksy's legend, a product of his outrageous pranks and maniacally guarded anonymity, won't be surprised that there's considerable confusion about what's real and what's invented for the film's narrative.

No word on if the film is slated for a Stateside release any time soon... or, for that matter, a larger release in the U.K. Tickets are scarce so I *guess* you Londoners have an excuse to skip out. Still, why you people wouldn't want to leverage all your contacts for a chance to sit an hour and a half in a dark, dank underground tunnel is really beyond me. More Banksy: