Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pet Sounds

There is a Blockbuster’s worth of "classic" movies I haven't seen, and a record store’s worth of "classic" albums. Thankfully I now have Netflix, and BitTorrent. I am attempting to fill in those gaps. Please do not leave comments saying "zomg, i can't believe u haven't seen/heard _____." Please do send suggestions.

Pet Sounds

So, what’s up with Pet Sounds? God only knows (ha!), but an inebriated college classmate once made the following argument while seated on a black dorm room futon: The Beach Boys were a better band than The Beatles.

“Preposterous,” I said!

He persisted. The Beach Boys top songs were better than the Beatles’ best efforts, he said, and The Boys had an album called “Pet Sounds.” At the time I was in the midst of “discovering” The Beatles vast “catalog,” and The Beach Boys were merely a band with a propensity for singing about cars and surfing.

But, whaddya know, Pet Sounds is really good. To stick with The Beatles comparison: Sgt. Pepper was sent from some musical God to blow your mind; Pet Sounds was made by your uber-talented friend who just wants you to dance, with a girl (or guy, whatever). Where a good Beatles lyrics is incomprehensible (Raccoons, Walri, etc.), your uber-talented friend is opening up his deepest hopes ("I'm waiting for the day/when you can love again") and fears (I wanted to show how independent I'd grown/But that's not me) during a pool-side chat, beer in hand.

And, there’s God Only Knows. It really might be the best song out there.

P.S. The Beatles are still better.