Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Internet Case Study Book

Web-design and digital media extraordinaire’s, Rob Ford and Julius Wiedemann, have collectively written a storybook, titled The Internet Case Book. However, these stories are anything but children tales; they are success stories of how 60 clients have managed to make their work thrive online. The book divides the studies among five chapters of online tactics: e-Commerce, Corporate Sites, Campaigns, Social Media, and Promotional Sites. A look into each category can help you decide how to distinguish yourself from competitors and figure out which ones can specifically help you construct a strong online presence. They provide information for the smallest of businesses to the largest of corporations, examining a shared goal: creating a successful, efficient, and cost-effective investment on the web.

Rob Ford is the founder of “Favourite Website Awards” a Web site paying tribute to cutting-edge web design. Julius Wiedemann has worked in graphic design and marketing, and was an art editor in Tokyo for digital and design magazines.

The Internet Case Study will be available April 1, 2010.

Chad Evenson