Friday, January 29, 2010

Telephoned Mixtape

New York's Maggie Horn and Sammy Bananas are not playing. This shit sounds fun, but technically, its got to be a bitch to integrate and re-imagine such a diverse repertoire of pop hits and original floor-ready material. On their new promo mix, the duo, better known as Telephoned, plays off the Afro-centric notion that novelty can be fostered expertly from a common cultural well; "Off The Hook" bites into Whitney, T-Pain and even Armand Van Helden/A-Trak to create a 30-minute power mix that's one part genre-blending, peak-time DJ set and one part sophisticated, karaoke jam session. Horn's got the pipes and Sammy B has the production skills to rock with the best of them. Can't wait to see what happens when the Fools Gold EP drops.

Micah Salkind