Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gitman Vintage

Around this time of year, the weather's still dead cold but the fashion that's rolling into stores and sprouting up online is nothing but sunshine innuendo. The 2010 Spring/Summer collection of Gitman Vintage is sending me to that teasing daydream of rocking linen to backyard barbecues, drinks poolside, and going sock-less in some white sneaks.

I'm welcoming the upcoming weather change, not only for the need to thaw out, but also to expand my wardrobe from the monotonous yet steadfast blues and grays into pieces like the green cotton poplin and red chambray shirts (pictured third and fifth from top to bottom) that Gitman's throwing our way. It's a mirage in late January for sure, but come May: a stylish reality.

Luke Bettis