Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nôze plus Riva Starr Makes Club Magic

I've been hammering Riva Starr's "I Was Drunk" in my DJ sets for a couple of months now. The raucous Baltic horns and French-accented club banter are hands down the perfect antidote to dance floor pretension. Being that this "Black Cat, White Cat" mash-up is featured on Mr. Starr's official youtube feed, I assume he endorses it. It's certainly reinforces the tune's Yogoslavibe.

While I still feel excited about "I Was Drunk," I'm getting impatient for Riva's upcoming double-disc for Defected Records. His mix of Arthur Baker's "Tear Down The Walls" is probably the best thing I've heard since the 80s.

Micah Salkind