Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Milky, Messy, Delicious Ink

Michaela Colette Zachilli, Rav3 Cover and Detail, 2010

Michaela "Mickey" Colette Zacchilli draws really dope comics. Their full of creepy, weakling superheroes who always seem to come out on top after bouts with their own guilt, or the internet, or with ominous morning rainbows. Mickey also happens to be a take-no-prisoners printing guru. Her 2,3 and 4-color show posters, t-shirts and comics wobble with vibrant tone clashes, fantastic monsters and heavy doses of cramped, hand-drawn text. Mickey's newest masterpiece, RAV3, is finally available on her website, as are a slew of her previous projects.

Micah Salkind